Tuesday, August 28, 2007

day thirty four

oh sunday; sunday august 26; what a glourious day it was; 25 degrees; sun shininng; beer gardens full; melbourne alive again; love it; started the arvo off with a hang over; jumped on my bike; over to PANAYIOTA'S ; she was making soap; photo below documents her and her electric egg beater; hang there for a while; both cruised on our bikes; merri creek trail; to fitzroy; we met ainslie at the napier

drinking beer in the beer garden; was fantastic; everyone seemed to be out playing; even boobies; the town alive with the buzz of spring

below is a photo i took at DORKBOT ; they have a meeting on the last sunday of each month; it's where nerds get together and chat about nerdy stuff; was great; this guy FREIDER WEISS ; spoke about what he has been up to; working with chunky move; on a project called GLOW ; was very impressive; glow is on as part of MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL

ainslie and i then ploughed on to a gig at the tote; something gertrude contemp. artspace were doing; $5 cover; was meant to be a free bbq; but wasn't

Monday, August 27, 2007

day thirty three

well a lot has happened; since last post; exhibition went well; i've been lazy since then; not working in studio since; became an uncle; to twin boys; daniel and leonard; heather moved out; not under the best of circumstances; nathan came to visit; kwang soo came down for a week; was fun and good to see him; it's been over a year and a half; soo was very funny on the bike; such a bad biker; he couldn't change gears; too afraid to take either hand of the handle bars; so wobbley; cracked me up fully

we biked around melbourne for a couple of days; exhibition openings; museums; went to the guggenheim exhibition at the ngv; pure disappointment; $20 to see three rooms; fuck the blockbusters; they always disappoint!; biked along the yarra trail; merri creek trail; went to the laird; drank too much; but over all was a great week;

i took this photo outside the ngv; i like it; soo didn't want to go back to sydney; he thinks melbourne is cute; classic comment;
"do you think that we can be housemates in five years if we don't have boyfriends?";
"because your house is very relaxing";
"that's because i don't live with anyone, and just the way i like it, so no";

i don't think i could ever share a place again; too set in my ways.