Monday, November 06, 2006

day fifteen

death in brunswick; everyone remember the movie; well a burnt body was found in a stolen van dumped in lane way next to my studio; whole area was a crime scene; fullon; apparently the person was vietnamese; rumour has it the body was "prepared" in a tradition buddhist manner; aside from being dumped in an alley, i guess.

flowers left in laneway next to studio

ainslie came down last weekend from sydney; was great having her stay; she's always up for a good time; we traipsed around town; on adventures; went to a few gigs;mikelangelo & the black sea gentlemen ; at the spiegel tent; wasn't really our cup of tea; bit to cabaret; but was a great venue; also went to cw stoneking's cd launch at east brunswick club; with rachael, marcin & matt; was a very good night; tried going to carni but that fucking place seems to be always closed; tried again this weekend with mark and it was fucking shut; ended up pissing on at the bender bar down the road; steve was there which was nice; maybe next time i can have a conversation rather than a few words screamed across the bar; i really do have to get over my social shyness relating to hot men;

wolfclub is on today; would have been fun; but membership is full; so no tickets available; another poofta clique club all the same.