Tuesday, October 23, 2007

day forty three

arh what fun and games; gavin's 40th; massive house party october 20 in bulleen; all who were anybody came from far & wide; ie mates from sydney; was so great catching up with everyone; last big catch up was luella and dylans wedding; port douglas; so good seeing everyone in such great spirits; first encounter with heather since i asked her to leave my house

colleen; like the rest of us; was out of it; she did thankfully allow me to catch these great poses on camera; ever greatful; mark & i found ourselves in kitchen; after i vowed enroute that i hoped not to end up in the kitchen; old habits; i managed to pop and drop and not smoke a fag; we discussed the meaning of past conversation the night at the restaurant with matina; mediator was engaged; understanding; an outcome - still think what he said and matina thought great was evil and totally out of order

mr dangerfield;
haven't seen this man for a very long time; god i love blasts from the pasts;

mark and elle; need anything be said?

elle; avril; sarah

Thursday, October 18, 2007

day forty two

arrhhh what started out as a bit of innocent fun....

everyone's second favorite kind of balls

recollecting is proving a little trying at present; not sure when i baked off; matina and mark played; went for dinner; had an argument; i cracked the shits; gave them house key; laid on grass in park; eyes closed; falling face first into space

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

day forty one and a half

Brendon and Graham come over for a few days from perth; was a laugh; haven;t seen brendon since the day i went to korea which was march 4 2001; hasn't changed at all; glad he and graham are together; funny duo; panayiota copped it from us three; poor thing; well it was that lezzo at the northcote social club that started it; that's brendon and i in the beer garden at the standard in fitzroy

all we did was drink; oh, and go to exhibition opening so we could drink; i think since giving up smoking i have taken up alcohol; not a good look so i am told; i think i am hilarious; apparently not; that's panayiota copping another dyke comment from graham; heheheheh

the photo to follow was taken down at the kite flying park on the east side of st kilda beach; it's probably elwood; i can't be sure; panayiota and i rode there from thornbury to fly our kites; was ace; these guys were flying these huge kites; practicing for kite surfing and skating; i took this photo as i really loved the how feeling; i must confess it doesn't capture what i was feeling

here we are at stingos fag pub on hoddle st in the beer garden drinking $10 jugs of rum and ginger; it's a monday eve; brendons birthday; brendon and graham's last eve in melbored; we went for dinner at thy thy's in richmond; all quite drunk; panayiota went tot he toilet and was rammed by a waitress exiting the kitchen who ended up spilling some kind of liquid down the front leg of her jeans; thinking nothing of it she continued on; later that night se noticed a powdery substance whenre the "water" had hit her leg' thinking it was bi-carb she continued on; throwing them in the wash when she got home; then hanging them out she had noticed that where the "water" or "bi-carb" had landed on her jeans had eaten the fabric away; see her blog for pics; go to link on my blog titked RUSTY

brendon with his arse hanging out outside the laird