Saturday, December 30, 2006

day eigheen

some new paintings i've been doing for fun; pardon the poor documentation; they are a lot more light and airy than pictured here

linear spasm (double click on image to enlarge)

linear spasm panel I

linear spasm panel II

linear spasm panel III

liner spasm I (detail)

linear spasm II (detail)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

day seventeen

mark and i went to this party last friday; best party i've been to in years; hot men; durty sounds; and a good laugh!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

day sixteen

here are some pictures of the completed amenity project we had to do at work in order to get a planning permit

overall form with rosemary wearing orange crocs and alix (boss) in the sunnys

overall bench

another angle

more angles

angles angles angles

my fave shot!

detail (arm and planter)

detail (planter)

detail (bench)

detail (planter and arm)

detail (planter and seat)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

day fifteen and a half

went to the launch of the MidSumma festival Guide tonight with mark here is a link to my show they didn't use my image on the web- boo hoo - apparently it will be added soon - but image is in the guide - checkout the gallery website and the queer city launch; which is the exhibition opening

Monday, November 06, 2006

day fifteen

death in brunswick; everyone remember the movie; well a burnt body was found in a stolen van dumped in lane way next to my studio; whole area was a crime scene; fullon; apparently the person was vietnamese; rumour has it the body was "prepared" in a tradition buddhist manner; aside from being dumped in an alley, i guess.

flowers left in laneway next to studio

ainslie came down last weekend from sydney; was great having her stay; she's always up for a good time; we traipsed around town; on adventures; went to a few gigs;mikelangelo & the black sea gentlemen ; at the spiegel tent; wasn't really our cup of tea; bit to cabaret; but was a great venue; also went to cw stoneking's cd launch at east brunswick club; with rachael, marcin & matt; was a very good night; tried going to carni but that fucking place seems to be always closed; tried again this weekend with mark and it was fucking shut; ended up pissing on at the bender bar down the road; steve was there which was nice; maybe next time i can have a conversation rather than a few words screamed across the bar; i really do have to get over my social shyness relating to hot men;

wolfclub is on today; would have been fun; but membership is full; so no tickets available; another poofta clique club all the same.

Monday, October 23, 2006

day fourteen

good news; have been selected to exhibit "the darkness of me & him" for the midsumma festival here in melbourne; opening night is jan 23, 6pm; dead exciting; have been working away in my studio; problems thus far finding a reasonably priced spray painter; the exhibition will be part of queer city; title-HABITat; at flinders lane gallery had a few meeting with curator and the other artist i am exhibiting with; seems to be panning out ok

brothers HK thingo is fine now; well so he says; guess we'll never know

gwenda came down to visit a few weeks back; was good fun; went to st andrews; hanginng rock; where we had a bbq; pissed on at the laird; realising that its a total crap bar; to which i will not be back; bender bar thornbury is way better; preferred mixed space; none of this cliquey boys club shit

went to the opening of gillian wearing at acca; fuking fantastic; really enjoyed it; most of the shows at acca are hot!

currently in the process of writing a few proposals for exhibitions in melbourne; working on a new installation "nighttime is for the boy who can fly" love being busy and having a few things on the go at the same time

work is going.... well. had my appraisal/review and it went really well; still so much to learn; mental health is very interesting and bleak

have been buying up music of late just purchased a bit of tom waites, xiu xiu, stardust five; can't remember what else; did manage to use the credit card

also into a few zines; BUTT and they shoot hommos don't they? available at polyester books - which is a great bookshop on brunswick st, fitzroy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

day thirteen

went to pick brother up from airport; home from europe; mum called to say "don't bother picking up bradley. he's been arrested in hong kong"; for carrying THIS!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

day twelve

I got two preview passes to see 3 Iron last night; went with racheal; screening was at ravoli cinema in hawthorn; beautiful art deco cinema; huge spiral staircase; chandeliers; comfy chairs with heaps of leg room; watch trailer HERE

had the day off today; woke up feeling like crap; rang work; just a horrid head cold; spent day cruising music links; listening to mp3s; made a few grand discoveries; Clue For Kalo; who are supporting casiotone for the painfully alone; august 26; northcote social club; Lispector; The Dead Science; The Home Recording Project

Saturday, July 29, 2006

day eleven

sick to death of living from pay cheque to pay cheque; next pay i ain't paying any debts; am gunna shout myself a base station; so any i can be wireless at home; brother back from germany next sunday; hope he has an ipod for me; really have to get the 10gigs of music off my laptop; need more room for video editing; video camera has also packed it in again; ran another wine soilded tape through it; looks like a trip to tandy to get a dv head cleaner; no boys not of the poppers variety; and really who cleans video/dvd heads with poppers?

went out last night to a really shite spanish restaurant for emma's birthday; was fucked; well the restaurant anyway; they forgot joan, clare and brookes meals; arrived 15 mins after everybody else had finished their meals; all we got was a complimentry jug of sangreia between ten; hmmm; never going back; i swiped these really nice cermaic cups

i am meeting rachael and leigh at sutton gallery today; for the opening of David Rosetzky's latest exhibition

am looking forward to seeing this exhibition; interested in his portray of queer asian men; seeing i am working in a similar context

i have submitted a proposal to MidSumma Festival to be included in their visual arts program; i hope i am selected; i really need an exhibition; and to be included in midsumma would be fantastic; i am geting sick of having work laying around that hasn't been shown; i also emailed scotty the blue bunny; telling him to submit a proposal; but he said he didn't have enough time; maybe next year

Saturday, July 08, 2006

day nine

have spent the day grocery shopping; cleaning; and steam cleaning the stained patch where my brother lay on the floor of the spare room in a pile of his own vomit; hand-washing my sleeping bag which also lay with him in his pile of vomit; and the foam mattress on loan from bev; oh what joy it is when my brother stays with me; last time was in 1999; to which we never spoke for 5 years; thankfully this time he only stayed a night; was on a flight to berlin the following day; mum came down to see him off; stayed the night; always good having her stay;

went out for a work dinner; last thursday eve; melinda going on maternity leave this wednesday; alix off on annual leave; same day; rosemary a week or so later; was a pleasant evening; always interesting doing the odd work social;

"a return to painting", they say. (i) painting never left us. "painterly", they then respond. (i) was mondrian not painterly?

Monday, July 03, 2006

day eight

seems as if i'm on a roll at the moment with updating my blog; we'll see how long it lasts; a funny thing happened the other day; melissa; a friend of mine; we have know each other since we were four years old; was given two free tickets to the coldplay gig tonight (monday july 3); so we are off to see 'em; hilarious thing is between us we know two songs; yellow; and beautiful world; beautiful world because it was channel 10's jingle a few years ago; and melissa hates it; we have managed to grab a few songs of theirs from around the place and are desperately trying to learn the chorus of a few songs so we won't be the only duddies who don't know shit; but, hey whatever; what else is there to do on a monday night; we are both skint as all hell; i will also suggest to melissa that we scalp the tickets outside for major cash;

here's a pic of Coldplay I found on the internet; at least we know what they look like

if you so desire check out their website i haven't bothered; you may like to; wish i had have been around for a pixies ; marianne faithfull ; leonard cohen; gig

my brother is off to germany this wednesday; i think him and my ma are coming down to melbourne tomorrow; will stay over night; i am very impressed that my brother has chosen to travel abroad; i think it will be a life changing experience for him; a god we all know he needs it!

mum has been out of hospital a few weeks; had a knee replacement; was funny when i went to see her; day after the surgery; she was off her face; self dosing morphine; was hilarious; she was blabbing on about the funniest things; carpet for godsake; her and i will travel to india in february; have found some cheap tickets; hoping to purchase in two weeks; we are thinking of doing northern india; more research needed

Sunday, July 02, 2006

day seven and a tenth


Watch the video
a really crappy montage of my new home; took stills; thought i'd jazz it up with editing; well it's fucked; really bad resolution; can't believe i posted this; good thing is that ANTONY sings on it; so check it out just to hear him

Saturday, July 01, 2006

day seven

its been a long time since i actually posted anything on here; i am now in melbourne; loving it; new job is great; have been here three months;

found this image today

Apparently it's an old advertisement in a magazine titled "Polished Knob"

it really is an image that reminds me of a video i want to make about gay marriage; a complicated story about a gay wedding ring or symbol of a gay wedding ring; infection a vow

i finally have had my digi cam repaired; have been doing a little bit on it; nothing finished yet; hoping to post a little montage of my new "home"; seeing its been years since i felt i had a home; must confess love living on my own; well love not living in shared housing; i have been short-listed to participate in a new media/video festival in spetemeber in Bangkok; am working an a new video in the context of my research i was doing for my masters at uni; its a bit exciting; the next step is submitting a 2 min grab from the work; and then wait for word i guess

a few things have happened of importance; melanie married massa in mid-june; luella & dylan still have not yet set a date for theirs; i have still not found a man; although, there is a bloke down in tassie that i met; that's all i can say at the moment

kwang soo; melanie & massa at their wedding

work; well my official title is "community artist"; i am working for an organisation called Neami Splash Art Studio its probably; actually is, the most interesting job i have ever had; basically i work with four others; we work with fifty-five artists with severe or enduring mental illness in helping them develop their art practice and make links into mainstream communities; some absolutely brilliant work comes out of the studio; it is not art therapy; its an open studio in which artists come and produce work; five of the artist i work with are part of a show up in sydney with artists like anne ferran, mike parr and the likes; people often think of outsider art as naive and child-like; some of the artists i work with do produce this type of art; but i'd say 20% produce extremely sophisticated and informed works of art; one that springs to mind is Ophelia's Mink, look out for her work this september in sydney at campbelltown art gallery; boo cooper also springs to mind; she is also in a show with Ophelia's Mink and a very interesting woman

i find you with red tears in ur eyes; i ask you what is your name; you offer no reply; should i call a doctor; for i feel you might be dead; but i just laid down beside you; and held your hand; i feel in love with you; now you're my one only; cos all my life i've been so blue; but in that moment; you fill me now; i tell all my friends i fell in love with a dead a boy; now i tell my family; i wish u could have met him - antony

Saturday, January 28, 2006

day six and three quarters

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! why is it always the way? just discovered video blogging; well how to upload; and my digicam is fucked; just rang sony; $66 just to get a quote; jeezarse; next pay day i guess!!!!

i was woken this morning to the sound of my cell phone ringing at half 7; kwang soo; stressed; asking me to call kingc cross police station; a message left on his phone by some police guy; telling him to call about beren; beren-kwang soos's boyfriend; was all a bit of a daze; rang police station; no one had heard of him; advised me to call st vinnies hospital; no on had any record of him; kwang soo called back; advised him; he called back at 10am telling me that beren was at maroubra police but home now; i don't have any details as yet; fuck me it's all too much; i so don't need my ex ringing me at half 7 on a saturday morning asking me to track down his new boyfriend at police stations and hospitals! or do i?

Friday, January 27, 2006

day six and a half


Watch the video




This is a work in progress and part of a three-part installation that I am currently working on. It deals with the effects of Western Queer Culture upon NE Asia, specifically Korea and the use of web-based interaction between men who have sex with men.


This work is also pending image/music copywrite authorisation

Music by Underworld


I value your criticism via email or simply leave a comment

Friday, January 20, 2006

day six

home; alone; antony playing; sucking it up; dreaming ways to get to NYC; need to go; can feel the magnetic fields pulling me there; over sydney; moving to melbourne march 02; india for a month in september with mum; she wants to go so bad; noone will go with her; said i will go; so brave and inspiring my mum; thought afterwards i'd head from india to NYC; lower east village; who knows

here bunny bunnny bunny!
why can't i meet a nice handsome blue bunny?
gotta dash NYC ASAP

i took this image of scotty the blue bunny from his website BLUEBUNNY

All those beautiful boys
Pimps and queens and criminal queers
All those beautiful boys
Tattoos of ships and tattoos of tears

updates; kwang soo; is doing well; still in sydney; seems the drama surrounding visa has subsided; looks as if he is staying; congratulations; he has a new boy; berem; nice guy; ex ballet dancer; very sweet; happy for them

nathan; again, doing well; working for international fund for animal welfare; seems to be very happy; has a new house mate; catherine; great chick; his house now has a touch of home

heather; not doing so well; no work; skint; work will pick up again in feb; spent her savings over xmas; now cant go home at easter; is very home sick; god love her

me; not doing to well either; freaking out over an array of issues; whats new??????????

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

day five

me on the flight deck before going to state theatre to see antony & the johnsons and cocorosie

holly; me; erica; nathan outside the state theatre