Saturday, March 14, 2009

day seventy nine

finally pulled my finger out for an update; this pics are going back a while; all the way back to boxing day eve 2008; i went home to yack for xmas; drove back to melb boxing day eve; rang mark; needed to go out; we couldn't decided where to go; so i said; what about adelaide; so off we sent at 10pm boxing day night

first stop for mark to have a ciggie was trqawalla state forest

couldn't resist shinning the headlights on the giant koala for a pic

we slept on a futon in the back of the truck under the stars along side the road; we pulled up there was a truck and another car; dead excited; making too much noise the other campers moved on; leaving us there by ourselves to wake to the sun rise

here were are having breakfast some where in south australia

we only stayed in adelaide for about 12 hours; i managed to head to a beach for a swim and watch the sun go down; mark entertained his mate who were we gunna stay with but didn't as it was about the road trip; so after trying to go out in adelaide we decided to get back in the truck and head home; leaving at 1am

and here we are somewhere on the south australia coast line heading back to melbourne;