Saturday, June 28, 2008

day sixty seven and a half

new object to paint with; guess it's the tickle part; jeezarse; gotta say; to farquing fiddly; little farquer it was; glue and feathers everywhere; should have used tar; still needs work; binding; handle; etc

Thursday, June 26, 2008

day sixty seven

wee video; me in studio; starting a new painting

Sunday, June 08, 2008

day sixty six

the village; yarraville; twee springs to mind; mark moved there; coburg to yarraville; oh the contrast; decided to do something different; matina & i decided to go visit mark; a night out at the commercial in the village; due to driving restrictions; long weekend and all; we were forced to use public transport; and no i won't go on; i won't go on about how fucked public transport is in melbourne; actually make that australia; fuuuuuuuuuck; when are we gunna get it right? it took us 1hr 10mins by train; ok i am going on about it;

the great thing was; walking from train station to the commercial hotel; 10-15mins; through tweeville; to this; these photos i have taken below; so love the port; its a welcomed juxtaposition in tweeville; always loved a back lane; wink

rocked up at the commercial; munted & intoxicated through inhalation; as well as the fucking effort it took in relying on connex to get us there; it was a different space; "nice" change; too many drag & show bags for my liking; great location though; middle-of-nowhere; hmmm the port; met mark & his housemate mel; good times roll; yabbered on about shite; mel is canadian; here as internat. studette; like the rest of us; on the prowl for a decent rooster/boar; think she lucked out on the venue; arhahhahaah

well all good times must come to and end; our end was 11:15pm; couldn't miss the last hell train from tweeville to shity; the whole experience from pub to home; 1hr 40mins; i'm going back to drink driving & back streets; fuck all that for a fun night out! (in the background; a wee bear on his way to the laird)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

day sixty five

finally; after 7 months of sitting on the kiln room shelves; there was enough other finished earthenware work to justify a firing; my beakers; complete; very happy; terracotta; coil; cobalt oxide on outside surface and clear glaze inside vessel and on lip; such great wee red wine beakers; kinda modeled from spanish sangria mugs

must confess that the ceramic process really isn't something for me; love ceramics but will leave it to those with a love of process.

Monday, June 02, 2008

day sixty four and a half

Mum, im a fucking private school girl, i don't belong at a public school... I wanna come home i'm gonna get fucking raped here... Do you want me to fucking get pregnant?! Then you'll have to raise the kid... is that what you want?!" "Do you want me to fucking smash your porcelain collection?" "I fucking hate you... you're such a bitch!"

god -daughters' 20th b'day party; 30 Ja'mies' in one room; me; the only fella; aside from the poor cunt who turned up a quarter of the way through the night; he made it to the kitchen; chatted to ash; then legged it; matina and i outside; in the cold; smoking; pissing ourselves laughing at the princesses trying to walk in their 20" stilettos; watching it all unfold whilst dubbing summer heights high over what we thought was going on; people just kept rolling in; being smashed i legged it through the ja'mie's to get another bottle of wine; then ran upstairs to toilet; ended up in matina's room; head out the window; pleading for her to come up; as i couldn't go back down; ended up passing out on the bed with highlander blaring on the tv; woke up at 12.30am; everyone had gone out clubbing; matina informed me that the boys had been and gone; in the end i wasn't the only fella; i missed it all