Saturday, November 21, 2009

day ninety two

another garden up date; all the pak choi have been harvested and eaten; chard is now being chomped upon; lettuces now being plucked

courgette plant in flower

frog pond and rockery under construction

Thursday, November 05, 2009

day ninety one

garden update

day ninety

went up to yackandandah for a few days; visited mum & dad; went for a bike ride to my brothers; 22 kms; stopped by allans flat water hole; used to swim here when i was younger

this is elmo; shetland pony; latest addition to our family; dad bought him a few weeks ago for the twins; he pulls a little jinker; funny thing is he thinks he's a pacer; so cute; the twins love him;

this is dallas; an old horse of ours; 34 years old; eating his chaff and molasses

this is hudson; dad's new horse; 4 year old; such a show pony; very handsome

day eighty nine

my twin nephews; daniel & leonard; two & a half years old

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day eighty eight

Last weekend i went to town in the backyard and planted; basil; parsley; rocket; red cos; green butter lettuce; beetroot; rainbow silverbeet; buk choy; strawberries; red cabbage; tomatoes; corn; apple cucumber; corgette

above is the garden 3/4's through weeding

the wee buk choy just planted

overview of veggie garden and herb patch

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, August 07, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

day eighty five

a still from new video work i am making

Saturday, July 25, 2009

day eighty four


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

day eighty three and three quarters

some video documentation of Night Time is for the Boy who can Fly. Love Bites, Plimsoll Gallery - Hobart - Tasmania, April 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

day eighty two (revisited)

I want you to breathe my breath
I have inhaled from you
I have gasped on a glimpse
am I choking?
choke me!
dislocate my senses
absent of understanding
i linger unknowingly
beat my idle breast
intoxicate me
I am already drunk
I dare me to let you
i dare you

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

day eighty two

an image i am working on for a group show in july

Monday, April 27, 2009

day eighty one

went down to tassie on good friday for ten days; had to drive my work down and install for show called love bites; which meant catching the boat; what a fucking experience; 9 hours on a floating food court; never again; except for the return journey; arrived at devonport 7pm; met up with gary & douglas in deloraine for a beer; headed down to hobart; drove around and around looking for a place to stay; all booked because of easter; i couldn't stay in uni accom until sat; drove up to the beat; settle to slumber; was uncomfortable in cabin of truck; then started feeling unsafe; thought fuck it; has to be a motel somewhere; ended up on derwent bridge flyover; took hard left off motor way; sign posted "government house"; to avoid going out of city; next minute in the bush; look in rear vision mirror; discover cop car following me; proceed as normal; on top of hill; lights flashing; i pull over; questioned about, what i am doing; where am i going; what's on the back of the truck; explain the wine barrels; he takes my license; upon his return i ask; why have you pulled me over? he replies "oh come on mate, you're driving around at 2.30am with a truck full of shit; I didn't know that was illegal occifer? he says "is this your truck?" - yes, you just checked my rego etc out; well imagine if it was stolen, you would want me to pull them over." fuck - i'm like what are talking about? - he says or would you rather i be bludging back at the station. i reply well my definition of bludging is wasting time - ur wasting mine and urs. he then said he could have the truck searched if he wanted. i said, we done? ; yes; drove off; ended up at 3.30am at the casino paying $158 for 7 hours in hotel.

met up with sarah the curator and pat brassington on saturday arvo; and dumped my stuff in the gallery and and went to my apartment; bought back memories of 1999 with mandy mcintosh; running a muck; caught up with a mate on easter sunday; was driving back from sandy bay and was pulled over by a booze bus; and guess who i run into; yup; say occifer from friday night; he says; arh twice in three days; here i am out protecting the community again; i roll my eyes; he instructs me to blown in breathaliser; i refuse as i didn't see him unwrap the straw; he takes it off; unwraps a fresh one; i blow; he says hmmm zero reading; i say what were u expecting? he asks me to remove the straw from the breataliser i refuse saying that i have no where in the truck to dispose of it and i am sure he is provided with ppe and a bin. i then invite him to the opening and lecture; smile and drive off;

matt was in town for the week of easter; was good hanging out with him; he drove me around hobart and we lunched; museumed; and drank; was good seeing him;

installation began on wednesday and was absolutely brilliant; aaron the gallery technician was amazing and everything was done in a day; not like when i first showed the work; it took three days and two nights to install!

mark arrived in hobart on thursday eve; was great to have him there; the artist forum talk i had to do on friday went well; even though i was a nervous wreck and my whole head was glowing like rudolf's nose; exhibition opening was great and met some good folk

the video below; dedicated to mandy mcintosh;

click on image above to play video

was funny; sitting at cafe with mark; eating brekky; the last saturday were in hobart; flicking through the local rag; and here they were! lol
click on image below to read article

day eighty

made it back to sydney on australia day weekend; first time since i left 3 years ago; luella's 40th b'day; whole week was fucking great; it was a delight being back in sydney; so pretty; but not a city for me; scotty the blue bunny from nyc was in town for the arts festival; la cliche; was a great night; good to finally meet him after all these years

Saturday, March 14, 2009

day seventy nine

finally pulled my finger out for an update; this pics are going back a while; all the way back to boxing day eve 2008; i went home to yack for xmas; drove back to melb boxing day eve; rang mark; needed to go out; we couldn't decided where to go; so i said; what about adelaide; so off we sent at 10pm boxing day night

first stop for mark to have a ciggie was trqawalla state forest

couldn't resist shinning the headlights on the giant koala for a pic

we slept on a futon in the back of the truck under the stars along side the road; we pulled up there was a truck and another car; dead excited; making too much noise the other campers moved on; leaving us there by ourselves to wake to the sun rise

here were are having breakfast some where in south australia

we only stayed in adelaide for about 12 hours; i managed to head to a beach for a swim and watch the sun go down; mark entertained his mate who were we gunna stay with but didn't as it was about the road trip; so after trying to go out in adelaide we decided to get back in the truck and head home; leaving at 1am

and here we are somewhere on the south australia coast line heading back to melbourne;

Saturday, February 07, 2009

day seventy eight

click the play button to hear this very angst filled version of chris issacs wicked games by a swiss performance artist pipilotti rist