Saturday, July 29, 2006

day eleven

sick to death of living from pay cheque to pay cheque; next pay i ain't paying any debts; am gunna shout myself a base station; so any i can be wireless at home; brother back from germany next sunday; hope he has an ipod for me; really have to get the 10gigs of music off my laptop; need more room for video editing; video camera has also packed it in again; ran another wine soilded tape through it; looks like a trip to tandy to get a dv head cleaner; no boys not of the poppers variety; and really who cleans video/dvd heads with poppers?

went out last night to a really shite spanish restaurant for emma's birthday; was fucked; well the restaurant anyway; they forgot joan, clare and brookes meals; arrived 15 mins after everybody else had finished their meals; all we got was a complimentry jug of sangreia between ten; hmmm; never going back; i swiped these really nice cermaic cups

i am meeting rachael and leigh at sutton gallery today; for the opening of David Rosetzky's latest exhibition

am looking forward to seeing this exhibition; interested in his portray of queer asian men; seeing i am working in a similar context

i have submitted a proposal to MidSumma Festival to be included in their visual arts program; i hope i am selected; i really need an exhibition; and to be included in midsumma would be fantastic; i am geting sick of having work laying around that hasn't been shown; i also emailed scotty the blue bunny; telling him to submit a proposal; but he said he didn't have enough time; maybe next year

Saturday, July 08, 2006

day nine

have spent the day grocery shopping; cleaning; and steam cleaning the stained patch where my brother lay on the floor of the spare room in a pile of his own vomit; hand-washing my sleeping bag which also lay with him in his pile of vomit; and the foam mattress on loan from bev; oh what joy it is when my brother stays with me; last time was in 1999; to which we never spoke for 5 years; thankfully this time he only stayed a night; was on a flight to berlin the following day; mum came down to see him off; stayed the night; always good having her stay;

went out for a work dinner; last thursday eve; melinda going on maternity leave this wednesday; alix off on annual leave; same day; rosemary a week or so later; was a pleasant evening; always interesting doing the odd work social;

"a return to painting", they say. (i) painting never left us. "painterly", they then respond. (i) was mondrian not painterly?

Monday, July 03, 2006

day eight

seems as if i'm on a roll at the moment with updating my blog; we'll see how long it lasts; a funny thing happened the other day; melissa; a friend of mine; we have know each other since we were four years old; was given two free tickets to the coldplay gig tonight (monday july 3); so we are off to see 'em; hilarious thing is between us we know two songs; yellow; and beautiful world; beautiful world because it was channel 10's jingle a few years ago; and melissa hates it; we have managed to grab a few songs of theirs from around the place and are desperately trying to learn the chorus of a few songs so we won't be the only duddies who don't know shit; but, hey whatever; what else is there to do on a monday night; we are both skint as all hell; i will also suggest to melissa that we scalp the tickets outside for major cash;

here's a pic of Coldplay I found on the internet; at least we know what they look like

if you so desire check out their website i haven't bothered; you may like to; wish i had have been around for a pixies ; marianne faithfull ; leonard cohen; gig

my brother is off to germany this wednesday; i think him and my ma are coming down to melbourne tomorrow; will stay over night; i am very impressed that my brother has chosen to travel abroad; i think it will be a life changing experience for him; a god we all know he needs it!

mum has been out of hospital a few weeks; had a knee replacement; was funny when i went to see her; day after the surgery; she was off her face; self dosing morphine; was hilarious; she was blabbing on about the funniest things; carpet for godsake; her and i will travel to india in february; have found some cheap tickets; hoping to purchase in two weeks; we are thinking of doing northern india; more research needed

Sunday, July 02, 2006

day seven and a tenth


Watch the video
a really crappy montage of my new home; took stills; thought i'd jazz it up with editing; well it's fucked; really bad resolution; can't believe i posted this; good thing is that ANTONY sings on it; so check it out just to hear him

Saturday, July 01, 2006

day seven

its been a long time since i actually posted anything on here; i am now in melbourne; loving it; new job is great; have been here three months;

found this image today

Apparently it's an old advertisement in a magazine titled "Polished Knob"

it really is an image that reminds me of a video i want to make about gay marriage; a complicated story about a gay wedding ring or symbol of a gay wedding ring; infection a vow

i finally have had my digi cam repaired; have been doing a little bit on it; nothing finished yet; hoping to post a little montage of my new "home"; seeing its been years since i felt i had a home; must confess love living on my own; well love not living in shared housing; i have been short-listed to participate in a new media/video festival in spetemeber in Bangkok; am working an a new video in the context of my research i was doing for my masters at uni; its a bit exciting; the next step is submitting a 2 min grab from the work; and then wait for word i guess

a few things have happened of importance; melanie married massa in mid-june; luella & dylan still have not yet set a date for theirs; i have still not found a man; although, there is a bloke down in tassie that i met; that's all i can say at the moment

kwang soo; melanie & massa at their wedding

work; well my official title is "community artist"; i am working for an organisation called Neami Splash Art Studio its probably; actually is, the most interesting job i have ever had; basically i work with four others; we work with fifty-five artists with severe or enduring mental illness in helping them develop their art practice and make links into mainstream communities; some absolutely brilliant work comes out of the studio; it is not art therapy; its an open studio in which artists come and produce work; five of the artist i work with are part of a show up in sydney with artists like anne ferran, mike parr and the likes; people often think of outsider art as naive and child-like; some of the artists i work with do produce this type of art; but i'd say 20% produce extremely sophisticated and informed works of art; one that springs to mind is Ophelia's Mink, look out for her work this september in sydney at campbelltown art gallery; boo cooper also springs to mind; she is also in a show with Ophelia's Mink and a very interesting woman

i find you with red tears in ur eyes; i ask you what is your name; you offer no reply; should i call a doctor; for i feel you might be dead; but i just laid down beside you; and held your hand; i feel in love with you; now you're my one only; cos all my life i've been so blue; but in that moment; you fill me now; i tell all my friends i fell in love with a dead a boy; now i tell my family; i wish u could have met him - antony