Sunday, December 23, 2007

day forty six and a half

i went for a ride down the paddock; on bike; dad was down there; missed him; he went home the other way; saw this crow; hanging on fence; dad shot it; it allegedly killed the drake & 3 ducklings; so ranchesq

Saturday, December 15, 2007

day forty six

hanging out in panayiota's studio; taking snaps of myself; she with tradies working on kitchen; man that would have done my head in; 2 weeks of no kitchen; tradies are hot but slack (well some); we just hung out till it was time to go to matt's party drinking beer and wine; nice warm arvo to get through

we rode to the party on our bikes; such bikers; missed the bottle shops; due to our slackness; supermarket bottlos shut at 10pm; learn something new everyday; ended up finding one on errol st; close to party; was such a blast from the past; we were the middleagers at a uni party; thank god we can still cut it; party harder than them youngins

and here i am again; well what's one to do when locked in a studio alone with a digifriend (camera); i must confess i am taking a lot of photos of myself; need to find more models; michael?

auch here we are on the sofa at matt's place at his party; good to see him; we tried remembering what offennsiveness he once came up with; panayiota remembered the other day; bad batch; still makes me feel sick; yuk!

here's me pissing in their toilet; seem to have a thing with taking pics of me pissing of late; although i had to leave the party due to being known as stinky shit boy who used all the toilet paper later in the night; left panayiota there to hang with matt; ended up at laird by myself; surprise;

Sunday, November 25, 2007

day forty five

a very warm and extremely windy day; disastrous coffee experience in the cafe at ceres; bloody hippies;

here's us in the ceres nursery; by now it is evident that i am a fan of sepia

i took this photo of myself in the driveway of my flat on the way to panayiotas car; we were en route to the sassafras in the dandenongs; i like this photo of me

Saturday, November 10, 2007

day forty four

cup weekend; what a bender; the weekend that began my new found love of alcohol abuse; panayiota and i began the weekend off at the union; where michael met us; think he was a little off-put by my horrendous drunkedness; and yes i was absolutely toxic

binge drinking; i'm a fan

und heir ist michael

sunday before cup eve; mark & i went to the bears sausage sizzle at the laird; cheapskates charging $2 for a snag; gotta say they were good; mark & i laughing that we were at the laird at some ridiculous hour of 5pm or 7pm can't be sure; remember being shocked by the hours we spent there; we were such hits; think that was the night i met adrian

ohhhhhhhhhhhh cup eve; how fucking maggoted was i; mark, michael & i decided to head out and check out the new fag bar in collingwood; sircuit bar; apparently soooooo european; not what i remember of europe; bar; pool hall; cruise area; video lounges; etc; i drank three bottles of red at home; a rum and dry, two pints, a stolen bourbon & coke; at the bar; then went out on street; ended up at a hip hop club; last thing i really remember without being prompted was swigging vb from a long neck on the dance floor waving like a teenage hip hopper with teenage hip hoppers

have been informed that after that we went to the laird; a spoke to the art snobs; telling them they were art snobs; snubbed me at an exhibition they did; adrian said he was gunna watch the race at DT's; cracked it with mark as he said he wouldn't come with me; apparently slammed car door saying i hated him; proceeded to leave 3 messages on his answering machine advising of my possible choking on my own vomit; i'm still a fan of alcohol

under our tree in the beer garden; mark has carved his name into it somewhere; bored;

Sunday, November 04, 2007

day forty three and a half

boo hoo; it was marks last day at neami cunt house on friday (nov 2); who am i gunna play with on tuesdays now?; now i don't have any work friends;

here's a pic of jo; panayiota in background; northcote social club

'em all

mark & mazzy summing up business services

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

day forty three

arh what fun and games; gavin's 40th; massive house party october 20 in bulleen; all who were anybody came from far & wide; ie mates from sydney; was so great catching up with everyone; last big catch up was luella and dylans wedding; port douglas; so good seeing everyone in such great spirits; first encounter with heather since i asked her to leave my house

colleen; like the rest of us; was out of it; she did thankfully allow me to catch these great poses on camera; ever greatful; mark & i found ourselves in kitchen; after i vowed enroute that i hoped not to end up in the kitchen; old habits; i managed to pop and drop and not smoke a fag; we discussed the meaning of past conversation the night at the restaurant with matina; mediator was engaged; understanding; an outcome - still think what he said and matina thought great was evil and totally out of order

mr dangerfield;
haven't seen this man for a very long time; god i love blasts from the pasts;

mark and elle; need anything be said?

elle; avril; sarah

Thursday, October 18, 2007

day forty two

arrhhh what started out as a bit of innocent fun....

everyone's second favorite kind of balls

recollecting is proving a little trying at present; not sure when i baked off; matina and mark played; went for dinner; had an argument; i cracked the shits; gave them house key; laid on grass in park; eyes closed; falling face first into space

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

day forty one and a half

Brendon and Graham come over for a few days from perth; was a laugh; haven;t seen brendon since the day i went to korea which was march 4 2001; hasn't changed at all; glad he and graham are together; funny duo; panayiota copped it from us three; poor thing; well it was that lezzo at the northcote social club that started it; that's brendon and i in the beer garden at the standard in fitzroy

all we did was drink; oh, and go to exhibition opening so we could drink; i think since giving up smoking i have taken up alcohol; not a good look so i am told; i think i am hilarious; apparently not; that's panayiota copping another dyke comment from graham; heheheheh

the photo to follow was taken down at the kite flying park on the east side of st kilda beach; it's probably elwood; i can't be sure; panayiota and i rode there from thornbury to fly our kites; was ace; these guys were flying these huge kites; practicing for kite surfing and skating; i took this photo as i really loved the how feeling; i must confess it doesn't capture what i was feeling

here we are at stingos fag pub on hoddle st in the beer garden drinking $10 jugs of rum and ginger; it's a monday eve; brendons birthday; brendon and graham's last eve in melbored; we went for dinner at thy thy's in richmond; all quite drunk; panayiota went tot he toilet and was rammed by a waitress exiting the kitchen who ended up spilling some kind of liquid down the front leg of her jeans; thinking nothing of it she continued on; later that night se noticed a powdery substance whenre the "water" had hit her leg' thinking it was bi-carb she continued on; throwing them in the wash when she got home; then hanging them out she had noticed that where the "water" or "bi-carb" had landed on her jeans had eaten the fabric away; see her blog for pics; go to link on my blog titked RUSTY

brendon with his arse hanging out outside the laird

Sunday, September 16, 2007

day forty

went to an arvo of exquisite corpse at brunswick arts on satde arvo; was a bloody fun arvo; beer; snags; fags; good to do stuff with strangers and friends; great little space; check out BRUNSWICK ARTS; below are various pics of us and the corpses

Saturday, September 15, 2007

day thirty nine & a half

ainslie down a dark back alley in the city

went to launch of artlink magazine issue screen deep at acmi; ainslie; mark; panayiota and me; great nibblies; wine; except for the three fat middle aged slags hogging the cheese and telling each other that they are so talented but noone has given them a job since being in melbourne; some academics crapped on about the advances in media arts; but failed to mention me; lol

ainslie took this pic of me in front of a neon sign outside acmi on flinders st

mark the bar fly

Friday, September 14, 2007

day thirty nine

I took myself off to see this at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art; Sonia Leber and David Chesworth; Almost Always Everywhere Apparent; 11 August - 30 September 2007; Sound, video and installation artists Sonia Leber and David Chesworth will create a ‘polyphonic phantasmagoria’ at ACCA as the third annual Helen Macpherson Smith Commission; Human voices will resonate through a series of corridors, all leading into a central, cathedral-like space in what will be a major new work from these international, Melbourne-based artists.

Monday, September 10, 2007

day thirty eight

was bored so made a wee video entry

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

day thirty seven

i bought this lamp yesterday

and am thinking of using the fabric below
for a new look; recovering the shade

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

day thirty six

i went home; weekend just gone; auction; catch up with mum & dad; meet my new nephews; and to see steph; haven't seen each other since 1999; was a great weekend; although suffering flu; my visit also coincided with SPRING MIGRATION; i remember when it was "look here comes the yackandandah gay and lesbian mardi gras"; now i'm not the only gay in the village; managed to avoid; except the ute muster; *wink*; (if only there was one)

anyway went down the paddock; in the tonka truck; with dad;
to tend the animals

The Rooster, Hen and Runaway

Dallas & Circle J Royal Prince

The Neighbours 1 day old Potty/Poddy Calf

Monday, September 03, 2007

day thirty five

went to MONO; with panayiota & michael; corner hotel; last friday (31/8); evening started at mine with dinner; met michael at the corner; panayiota and i had managed to flattern both our camera batteries by the time we got from thornbury to richmond; gotta love digifriends!


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