Sunday, March 16, 2008

day fifty eight

went home; mum and dad's; mum's birthday; march 8; dad, mum, sister, nanna, and i; all saints winery in rutherglen; was a great day; eat; drank (too much) all with good cheer; taste of rutherglen was on; folkies with guitars; singing wee songs; we went to leave; back to yackandanda; hours drive; noticed a breath tester; all had a go; mum - 3 times over legal limit; dad - over limit; sister - over legal limit; me - over legal limit; my 86 year old nanna had to drive mum and dad home; sister and i had to wait on the grass listening to the band; drinkinng water; until one of us was able to drive; took us two hours before tiffany was under the limit; bloody fun day; happy birthday mum!

day fifty seven

oh man oh man; what an absolute moment; cocorosie gig; who could ask for more? makes my heart stop; these two sisters are simply fucking amazing; went with matina; panayiota; and ainslie; although ainslie didn't end up getting in; fucking mix up with her tix; we were all in; got a great pozie; ains was waiting in tix collection queue; we picked ours up before the gig; we are standing; watching the support band; wondering where the fuck ainslie was; she pops up 30 minutes later; accompanied by spud; the bouncer; to inform us of the fuck up; apparently they claim they sent her the ticket; she never received; she then absconded from spuds awareness; to be found and escorted out; several minutes later; aside from that it was a great great gig,

band room was packed; matina thought she was gunna passout; panayiota couldn't breathe due to being squashed between a bunch of giants; just so great to be in a room; fave band in front of you; and your like a sardine squashed into the band room; with hundreds of other people; all with their own beamingness relating to a band they love; hundreds of people all having an intimate experience publicly; nothing like it!

meat stamp for entry into the cocorosie gig; fucking brilliant!

day fifty six and a half

march 30; went to gig; with panayiota; nouvelle vague; ace bossa nova band; france; sing covers; great for a pogo stick romp and sing-a-long; what is it with melbourne crowds? people standing around; arms crossed; no one moves; so serious; i cleared a space to dance; seemed i was the only one; who can listen to bossa nova and not move? melbourne is sooooo cool! nouvelle vague are fucking ace; check out the wee video below

day fifty six

god it simply has been too long since i posted anything; have been flat out; and not in mind set to sit down & compose entries; but my have things changed; procrastination of a different sort; hmmm now blogging is more important than being in the studio; well for the time being; that being now!

A few pics of things passed by; i took this wonderful pic in a $2 shop on smith street collingwood; met up with matina for breakfast; she'd been up all night partying; arh the things one gets up to when one is hung over

my minging tonsils; although they are not infected for this photo; have been on waiting list for over 18 months to have them removed; not so sure i want them removed; as it may hinder my ability to proved good _ _ _ _

matina and her daughter, ashley; my god daughter; no, she isn't named after her godfather; oh lazy late summer afternoons in delightful beer gardens in ole melbored town