Tuesday, March 27, 2007

day twenty eight

due to the swimming championships here in melbourne and for the government to not be accused of only funding sport; as they "fund" sport and culture; they had a wee arts festival to coincide with the FINA world championships down at birrarung marr behing federation square; i ended up going the day they pulled everything down; not realising it was only on for a weekend; the swimming is on for 10-12 days but the culture is only on for a weekend - hmmmm

anyway was delighted to see a real yayoi kusama in the flesh!

click yayoi kusama to go to her website

Sunday, March 25, 2007

day twenty seven

friday march 30 - sin bin

Monday, March 19, 2007

day twenty six

Some pics of Matina and I on another one of our marathon bike rides. Today saw us depart my place in Thornbury and ride to Werribe (can't spell anyway its a big sewer!) to visit her mum. 54.9km. And have to say over the past 6 weeks I have gone from a c cup to a b cup! Hope i got that right i think b is smaller than c, yeah?

It was a delightful ride. Headed into the city - rested at Fed Sq, watched a really bad performance sponsored by ANZ for the swimming comp on here! Fuck I wish ANZ would stop sponsoring bad public events. Then it was off down southbank on the "bike" path to the westgate bridge where we caught this awesome wee motorised punt that takes peds and bikes across the river so we can ride to Williamstown. 3 bucks what a fucking bargin! Was very fun ended up with wet feet from the waves of the bigger boats splashing onto the punt

On the otherside (approx. 8 mins later) were back on the bikes on another path to Williamstown - once there it was a caffine hit and back on the bikes through the industrial landscape - The beautifully ugly oxymoronic.

After riding fucking miles and with only an entrance to a freeway bound for Geelong we opted to catch a train from Altona to Hoppers Crossing then back on the bikes for another 10mins to Matinas ma's house only to find the bitch NOT home. So then back on the bikes to try and track her down. matina and I ended up having a beer at this pokie club/bar which is part of a fucking shopping centre! freaky is all i can say - anyway rode bake to her ma's house and she was home this was 2 hours after we arrived.

Hung there for while then we had decided to train it all the way home to thornbury which would have been about an hour with s change at flinders st. At yarravile matina starts suggesting that we ride from the city back to mine - as she was feeling like a cheat so i go ok and said well lets get of at kensington or north melb so we dont have to ride through the city - as we are pulling into nth melb we see 3 inspectors ready to board the train - thank fuk we got off as we have expired tickets

anyway it nearly killed us riding the last leg of the 54k's but am 200 bucks richer!

check out the name of the street

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

day twenty five

Things have been hectic; exhibition down; went to port douglas to luella & dylan's wedding; back at work; pottering in studio; bought a bike; swimming in the mornings; the list just goes on and on.

exhibition went well; see entry below; luella's wedding was great fun; although will never understand why peope would want to go on holiday in the tropics let alone live there; so oppressive; was great to catch up with everyone; i love fiona's chris; fantasies of eloping with him at the wedding; hahahahaha;

being back at work sucks; nah it's good; but let's face it would rather be paid to potter around doing my own stuff; sometimes i wonder what it is i am doing there; most of the time i know.

i have managed to hang in my studio over the past few days; its been over a month really since i spent any time there; am working on a new painting; very large; a panel of four; shite thing is only one of the panels is coming along; the rest suck.

i have also been working on a few submissions; funding; exhibition; i dropped of a proposal/application for the mcclelland sculpture survey and award last saturday; find out march 16 whether i have been selected; fingers crossed; pananyiota and i went down there last saturday and checked it out