Thursday, January 31, 2008

day fifty two and a half

toilet; matinas

day fifty two

drove up to bendigo; met droo; his mate; had lunch at the pub; went to cafe; drank coffee for four hours; jabbered on like a mothers club; was fun meeting them and hanging out; will catch up again in march

went for a trip down memory lane; amazing the memories that come flooding back as i drive down various streets; use to live in bendigo from 1992-1993; studied part of my ba there; that's where i met panayiota; well actually met her on a train in november 1991, we were sitting next to each other; heading to bendigo for interview for art school;

below; lister house; student dorm; this is the first place i lived in when i moved from home at 17 to study; only thing cool about it was that it was next to the cathedral; think i lasted 5 weeks there; horrid thing about it was you had to share a room; my room mate was marco; what a drip he was; business student; need i say anymore?

below; cousins deli; carpenter st; this used to be a deli (shop-part); i lived in the house with a dyke; sally; the owners teena and leone ran the deli; they used our kitchen during the day; they became my second mums; they were great; tried looking them up whilst i was up; but to no avail; oh the shenanigans of carpenter st; sally was my first encounter with natural lezzo; sea sponges used to dangle from the shower curtain rod dripping with bloody water; oh so natural; i remember her when i moved in allocating fridge space; she said not to eat the natural yogurt; her thrush treatment; i was only 17;

below; mitchell st; lived here with a bloke named daniel; he's in melbourne again; married; haven't caught up with him since i moved down here; will do soon; this was such a lads pad; bong water stains on the carpet; pizza boxes; beer bottles; cask wine bladders milked of every drop; mattresses on the floor; spilt ashtrays; oh the days! landlord was a fuck stick; ended up in court; stoned; oath on the bible; declaring him a liar; had to break lease as was moving to sydney with sue; she is no longer with us; died of ms a few years ago; oh shelby; just remember my cat; she's dead too; we weren't to have pets; daniel looked after his folks dog whilst they were abroad for a few weeks; massive great dane; landlord had a habit of popping over every fucking sunday; he left us a note one day; i still have it in an old visual diary; goes like this:

ashlee + daniel
re attached copy of our tenancy agreement regarding pets; no pets i.e. dog + cats etc are to be at the property; this includes the cat which was looking at me through the window when i was working there last weekend; if this presents aproblem give me a call

i will be at the property this weekend to carry out some maintenance at the back of the house - outside; as access to the back of the house is via the lawn; removal of the dog turds would be appreciated; if this presents a problem give me a call


reading that again makes me laugh; we ended up breaking the lease and loosing our bond; loosing bonds seemed my norm until 2004; slow learner? seems our bond came in handy for part of his reno; it was a total dump when we used to rent it

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

day fifty one

the bay again; apparently the nice side; st. kilda; don't get the st. kilda thing either; matina & i rode from mine to elwood; sunday of australia day weekend; kite surfing; so wanna try it; mark went to woof club; by himself; i couldn't be bother; meet up with him at 9pm; it looked like it was fun; might go next time; was the laird on e; rather than i normal friday night of where it's usually just us on it

there were so many on them in the water; kite surfing; was a cool sight; pic didn't come up so well; nevermind; i still have a brain; just; swam; elwood beach; fuck; what were we thinking; we weren't; wonder we aren't dead; again the bay is a fucking disgrace; drain it; clean it and rejuvenate it; filth!

matina; my lips; at the espy; drinking jugs; before heading back home via collingwood for more jugs as stop overs; rode the entire length of cunt rd and it was a cunt; fun flying down the hills but

Monday, January 28, 2008

day fifty

australia day; with stranger; drove to his; somewhere near laverton; spliffed; heading to torque; traffic jam on highway; diverted to avalon beach; what a bad choice; this pic kind of makes it look nioce; fuckin stank; rotting seaweed; dead pelicans; shopping trolleys; henious amounts of rubbish; fuck the bay is a disgrace! don't understand why melbournians are so obsessed with it;

back waters; near salt farm; kinda see the mankiness of it; hope my salt ain't coming out of the bay

weird; this is an example of a beach house along the avalon "beach" front; people actually have beach holiday houses here; fibro shacks; spooky little joint; beach shanty town; bikini clad women; beer bellied blokes; arh the impoverished; like i have any kind of property to call me own; arrrhhhh one day; caravan; mountains; mud

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

day forty nine

wee video; andrew and i; yarra trail; peak hour; wrong direction; performance at cargo; met andrew online; he's from scotland; we realised that i replaced him as a language teacher in hamburg in 2002/2003; the world is small

the music accompanying this footage is titled; young shield's by casiotone for the painfully alone; i love you owen

day forty eight

panayiota and i went on holidays to perth western australia to visit brendon and graham; here is a little montage of events (doesn't include the w.a. bears pool party or bear)

the closing credits (very small on this web version) read: thanks to: brendon; graham; panayiota; w.a. bears & the court - for making the holiday such fuckin ace fun!

the music accompanying this footage is pass this on by the knife

Sunday, January 20, 2008

day forty seven

hours after the bells and snogs of new years eve; mazzy; car park