Sunday, November 25, 2007

day forty five

a very warm and extremely windy day; disastrous coffee experience in the cafe at ceres; bloody hippies;

here's us in the ceres nursery; by now it is evident that i am a fan of sepia

i took this photo of myself in the driveway of my flat on the way to panayiotas car; we were en route to the sassafras in the dandenongs; i like this photo of me

Saturday, November 10, 2007

day forty four

cup weekend; what a bender; the weekend that began my new found love of alcohol abuse; panayiota and i began the weekend off at the union; where michael met us; think he was a little off-put by my horrendous drunkedness; and yes i was absolutely toxic

binge drinking; i'm a fan

und heir ist michael

sunday before cup eve; mark & i went to the bears sausage sizzle at the laird; cheapskates charging $2 for a snag; gotta say they were good; mark & i laughing that we were at the laird at some ridiculous hour of 5pm or 7pm can't be sure; remember being shocked by the hours we spent there; we were such hits; think that was the night i met adrian

ohhhhhhhhhhhh cup eve; how fucking maggoted was i; mark, michael & i decided to head out and check out the new fag bar in collingwood; sircuit bar; apparently soooooo european; not what i remember of europe; bar; pool hall; cruise area; video lounges; etc; i drank three bottles of red at home; a rum and dry, two pints, a stolen bourbon & coke; at the bar; then went out on street; ended up at a hip hop club; last thing i really remember without being prompted was swigging vb from a long neck on the dance floor waving like a teenage hip hopper with teenage hip hoppers

have been informed that after that we went to the laird; a spoke to the art snobs; telling them they were art snobs; snubbed me at an exhibition they did; adrian said he was gunna watch the race at DT's; cracked it with mark as he said he wouldn't come with me; apparently slammed car door saying i hated him; proceeded to leave 3 messages on his answering machine advising of my possible choking on my own vomit; i'm still a fan of alcohol

under our tree in the beer garden; mark has carved his name into it somewhere; bored;

Sunday, November 04, 2007

day forty three and a half

boo hoo; it was marks last day at neami cunt house on friday (nov 2); who am i gunna play with on tuesdays now?; now i don't have any work friends;

here's a pic of jo; panayiota in background; northcote social club

'em all

mark & mazzy summing up business services