Tuesday, August 26, 2008

day seventy three and three quarters

PIG; 2008; Acrylic & urine on beaten leather

exhibition opening went well; knackered all the same; full on day/eve; great thing about getting on it early is that one is in bed early; think i made it to 11pm before collapsing, and not on my face

nerves were at an all time high (drunk as hell as well) whilst riding in cab to the gallery with a atomiser of piss that sat in front of the fire all night; some leaked in the cab; reason - needed to re "wet" the pig hide with piss; as i had pissed on it sunday night before the opening thinking it wouldn't dry out before the opening; alas it did; and as it was strung up i couldn't piss on it directly; so thanks to the atomiser it received a good drenching while my mates distracted the gallery attendant; floor copped a bit too;

nate & graeme all het up on beer at the opening; was good having the lads around

steve raving on; or is he singing hymns; i am not sure

Monday, August 18, 2008

day seventy three

weekend full of the little things that will only take an hour but take forever; monday and what a day it's been; installation day; 9 hour time frame; fuckin' knackered; having a few well earned jars; 98% of show is up; rest will do on wednesday; photo below was taken at the end of the first two hours; that's when i had managed to get everything to the gallery and was finally able to begin installing; i need a f150

exhibition info here

a big thanks to michelle for her help; i even managed not to loose it

Saturday, August 09, 2008

day seventy two

opening of macarthur cook art prize; my photograph was highly commended; the image that was selected can be seen here; below a photo of me with the Managing Director; Craig Dunstan (left); Chairman; Richard Haddock (right) taken at the opening; was a great night; mark was very drunk; as we all were; catering was fantastic; matina and i ended up being forced to walk around the gallery drinking wine from a tumbler; total class;

the stunning photo below is of the award; missed out on the big cash; but was stoked that i got a mention; people responded really well to my work which was a delight

Monday, August 04, 2008

day seventy one and a half

studio; all day; finished a painting; continued on another (happy so far); completed two drawings i had been working on; fucked up a painting; broke an implement; so guess after 9 hours in the studio i'm a drawing up

Sunday, August 03, 2008

day seventy

have been keeping busy with preparation for exhibition; 13 days to installation; all on track; the stress of it all made my nose bleed wine; after schizing out over pasting tissue paper on my latest canvas; all is well; all is resolved; a challenge indeed

now working on trying to make poly/cotton and/or cotton brittle; the ladies at spotlight have no idea; have tried varnish; sugar & water; alas not getting desired effect; perhaps i'll have to go with stabbing rather than kicking

marked in the line of duty; usually covered in paint patterns after a session in the studio; panayiota documented these marks below; later; met mark at my studio for video shoot; he asked concernedly what's on my head? he thought i had been bred