Saturday, July 29, 2006

day eleven

sick to death of living from pay cheque to pay cheque; next pay i ain't paying any debts; am gunna shout myself a base station; so any i can be wireless at home; brother back from germany next sunday; hope he has an ipod for me; really have to get the 10gigs of music off my laptop; need more room for video editing; video camera has also packed it in again; ran another wine soilded tape through it; looks like a trip to tandy to get a dv head cleaner; no boys not of the poppers variety; and really who cleans video/dvd heads with poppers?

went out last night to a really shite spanish restaurant for emma's birthday; was fucked; well the restaurant anyway; they forgot joan, clare and brookes meals; arrived 15 mins after everybody else had finished their meals; all we got was a complimentry jug of sangreia between ten; hmmm; never going back; i swiped these really nice cermaic cups

i am meeting rachael and leigh at sutton gallery today; for the opening of David Rosetzky's latest exhibition

am looking forward to seeing this exhibition; interested in his portray of queer asian men; seeing i am working in a similar context

i have submitted a proposal to MidSumma Festival to be included in their visual arts program; i hope i am selected; i really need an exhibition; and to be included in midsumma would be fantastic; i am geting sick of having work laying around that hasn't been shown; i also emailed scotty the blue bunny; telling him to submit a proposal; but he said he didn't have enough time; maybe next year

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