Monday, October 23, 2006

day fourteen

good news; have been selected to exhibit "the darkness of me & him" for the midsumma festival here in melbourne; opening night is jan 23, 6pm; dead exciting; have been working away in my studio; problems thus far finding a reasonably priced spray painter; the exhibition will be part of queer city; title-HABITat; at flinders lane gallery had a few meeting with curator and the other artist i am exhibiting with; seems to be panning out ok

brothers HK thingo is fine now; well so he says; guess we'll never know

gwenda came down to visit a few weeks back; was good fun; went to st andrews; hanginng rock; where we had a bbq; pissed on at the laird; realising that its a total crap bar; to which i will not be back; bender bar thornbury is way better; preferred mixed space; none of this cliquey boys club shit

went to the opening of gillian wearing at acca; fuking fantastic; really enjoyed it; most of the shows at acca are hot!

currently in the process of writing a few proposals for exhibitions in melbourne; working on a new installation "nighttime is for the boy who can fly" love being busy and having a few things on the go at the same time

work is going.... well. had my appraisal/review and it went really well; still so much to learn; mental health is very interesting and bleak

have been buying up music of late just purchased a bit of tom waites, xiu xiu, stardust five; can't remember what else; did manage to use the credit card

also into a few zines; BUTT and they shoot hommos don't they? available at polyester books - which is a great bookshop on brunswick st, fitzroy.

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