Saturday, December 15, 2007

day forty six

hanging out in panayiota's studio; taking snaps of myself; she with tradies working on kitchen; man that would have done my head in; 2 weeks of no kitchen; tradies are hot but slack (well some); we just hung out till it was time to go to matt's party drinking beer and wine; nice warm arvo to get through

we rode to the party on our bikes; such bikers; missed the bottle shops; due to our slackness; supermarket bottlos shut at 10pm; learn something new everyday; ended up finding one on errol st; close to party; was such a blast from the past; we were the middleagers at a uni party; thank god we can still cut it; party harder than them youngins

and here i am again; well what's one to do when locked in a studio alone with a digifriend (camera); i must confess i am taking a lot of photos of myself; need to find more models; michael?

auch here we are on the sofa at matt's place at his party; good to see him; we tried remembering what offennsiveness he once came up with; panayiota remembered the other day; bad batch; still makes me feel sick; yuk!

here's me pissing in their toilet; seem to have a thing with taking pics of me pissing of late; although i had to leave the party due to being known as stinky shit boy who used all the toilet paper later in the night; left panayiota there to hang with matt; ended up at laird by myself; surprise;

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