Sunday, November 23, 2008

day seventy five

arh melbourne cup weekend; booked the week off from the friday prev. to the thursday following the supposed greatest race; the race that stops the nation; ended up pissed at the olive tree hotel in sunbury that friday; saturday was in the truck up to wangaratta with matina; on our way to bright to start the ride

started off meeting my mum and dad in wangaratta; they drove us, our camping gear and bikes to bright; ate lunch and loaded up the bikes; ready for a three day bike ride back to wangaratta via lake buffalo and miliwa; arh what joyeth t'was! a beautiful early spring glorious day riding along with mt buffalo just there; matina riding along the road as we searched for nug nug camping ground approx 20ish kms from myrtleford;

approx 46 kms from bright with butts burning; the fellas sore; and matinas lady feeling like she'd been...; we arrived at nug nug; pitch our tents as far away from the dudes with all the mod. cons.; i saw a microwave; gas flame torches (lights); cars backed up; tarps stretched creating undercover tv entertainment areas; here we are in our $27 tents and therma-rests; matina had a ruff first night waking at 2am freezing; her sleeping bag (her daughters slumber party sleeping bag she used to use when she was um.. 10-12 years old) wasn't cutting it;

thank god for a public bench table; beinng the only ones at the campground without a car; and tents pitched in dirt and not grass; the public table was all ours; love my little petrol cooker; brings out the firestarter in us all;

a feast of miso soup and udon noodles

peddling through undulating green pastures on our way to lake buffalo we passed over the surprisingly named buffalo creek; such cowboy land;

and there we were; stopped for a morning tea; another opportunity to crack out the petrol cooker; lake buffalo; this is now where day two really began;

me; shagged; day two; 11km's from milawa; (our second sleeping stop - we've gone all out and pre-booked non powered sites at the caravan park;) spirits we low immediatley prior to this photo being taken; after enduring: 70 odd kms of mostly up hill; sore fellas;sore arse; tired; hungry; grumpy; drunk; wishing we were already there 60kms ago

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