Thursday, May 29, 2008

day sixty four

i tried not to; tried not to get caught up in the bill henson thing; i don't particularily like his work; i was introduced to his work in 1991; final year of high school; i have scanned a few images of his from a book i purchased about him in 1992; i rang roslyn oxley gallery (henson's sydeny dealer) to ask whether the works confiscated were recent/new work; they replied asking me why i wanted to know; i told them; they didn't advise; understandably

bill henson
untitled sequence 1977

bill henson
untitled 1983/84

bill henson
untitled 1983/84 (panel 2 of 3)

yesterday i received a letter of support for bill henson via tolarno galleries (henson's dealer in melbourne) from creative australia 2020 summit representatives; quite lame indeed; what i did find hilarious was this "The allegations that he (henson) is making child pornography have done more to promote his work to possible paedophiles than any art gallery, where the work is seen in it's proper, contemplative context."

as long as it's in a gallery it's safe. oh the gallery, paedophiles don't go to art galleries, do they? the world has gone nuts! i mean the guy's been doing it for years. oh god! The bourgeoisie. if i'm poor and mad, i'm a crazy. if i'm rich and mad. i am eccentric.


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prescient point mr A ... Tolarno's statement, extraordinarily naive & sadly very petite bourgeoise ... time for some to get their heads out of their arses and into the 21st century ... 'class war' is so 1950's
| by the way the scans here are strongly reminiscent, both visually & subject wise of Julia Margaret Camerons work ... mid to late 19th Century | I suspect the case will not be successful however i am so looking for some societal discussion on the arbitary invention of teenagerness | adolescence & non-sexuality of the pubescent experience - all constructs invented by western society & when this kind of media & legal broo haa erupts, tellingly scratches the thin crust of moral skin ... a bit close for some