Tuesday, May 13, 2008

day sixty two and a half

central australia; beginning in alice; 32 degrees; escaped the grey 9 of a autumn melbored day; thank you tiger; 149 dollar return flights; stayed at a hostel; 2 nights; night 1 realised we were at the racist hostel; click here for article; went to the opening of the alice prize; dud; set off for The Resort; mingle with the gayas group; rocked up to the bar; glasses of wine on bar; asked bar attendant if the drinks were free; affirmative response; 30 people or so; 95% men; ainsley remarks everyone is checking me out; smell of fried delights permeate the bar; head for the tempura delights; hoeing out; bloke approaches; who are you?; i reply; where are you from?; i reply; thinking that the scene is very underground i stumble around in conversation trying to allude to that i know that this is the gay drinks night; i had researched it on the net; the poor guy has no idea as to what i am talking about; nor the people i am referring to; it;s his work farewell party; apologise profusely; abscond to table by the pool; tempura fish & wine in hand; further discussing embarrassment with ainsley; decide to ask reception if the queers meet here; responds, no not here; i go back to the pool; finish our drinks; leave; receptionist charges out; excuse me sir, friday afternoons; wink; fuk!

we head to bo's; alice's answer for a all-in-one-bar; get sloshed; end up in taxi; with 2 strangers; crash party; pissed fuckers everywhere; kids too; pinata; met and chatted to the hosts; fun guys; sebastian with ebay wrestling mask; man after my own heart;

checkout of racist hostel; hungover; walk to car rental; to pick up 4WD; pictured below; well not quite what we had in mind; but beggars can be choosers now, can they? try and get lost in that camper; didn't make it to the ute muster; not sure i wanted to turn up in the japanese-esq runabout;

we ran out of petrol on the first day; hailed a passing camper van; frenchies; happened to have 20 litres of fuel; opal fuel infact; paid them 20 dollars; off we went; 40 kms from curtain springs; refueled and bank down there for the night; where ainsley and two other tent occupants were harassed all night by a randy emu; tents were ripped.

uluru, kata tjuta and kings canyon; mindblowing; i didn't think i would connect; didn't think i would get it; but, fuck what amazing places; so much to learn; so little time;

on the last day; arrived back in alice; headed to emily and jessie gap; again what can i say; other than amazing; rocks rock; the rock paintings below; taken at emily gap; paintings depict caterpillar dreaming

and heres me on the last night; in me 27 dollar tent

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