Tuesday, November 08, 2005

day one

a photo of myself on the toilet; dressed; the afternoon of mardi gras; before the parade; march 2005.

and what a disappointment mardi gras has become; well has always been; it was kwang soo's first time; i remember my first time; it was actually a hoot; i remember rolling around the dank carpet of the beauchamp hotel on oxford st; chewing chuppa chups; sipping warm water straight from the tap in the gents; the cold water was turned off; a time when water was the same price as gin; before they made a law; just after anna wood died; before they closed down the phoenician club; i was rolling around the floor; in the arms of panayiota; in the middle of a thousand knees; no one bothering us; being nothing more than big blobs of e matter; at a time when e verything matt er ed; e verything was a sign; an om e n; young; inspired; spirited; and looking for trouble; valleys turned to lights; where everything was possible; where curtains became sarongs; where queer became bent; then straight; then twisted; where bumping into the guy that worked in the bakery that wore the red eyeliner made my day; where jewish locks blew in the summer breeze; the tassels of prayer shawls induced desire; what ever happened to the guy from the bakery?; he wasn't jewish; but hey fuck; neither am i

a photo of kwang soo kim on the toilet; dressed; the afternoon of mardi gras; before the parade; march 2005

amazing fashion designer; my ex; was a cunt during break up; but love him again now; friends; korean; met there; i came back to australia; he stayed there; was horrid leaving; he came over on a holiday; loved it; wanted to stay; he went back to korea; 3 months; got a working holiday visa; worked a year; is now on a sponsorship visa; first job in oz was boiling kilos of rice in a factory; now works as a 'designer' for a wedding company; hates it; they are stupid; want him to buy a sewing machine; everyone comments on his website; his designs; and tells him "you're amazing"; i want him to get a sewing machine; we went shopping for them; he got excited; he will save; he got caught up in the gay scene for a while; was good for him; experience is good; he's been loving it; hating it; needing it; dreaming it; most of all enjoying the challenge

a photo of gwenda stoppe (nee bender); dressed; the afternoon of mardi gras; before the parade; march 2005

i met gwenda in a training group at the gas company; what a cunt of a place; fuck i have had some naff jobs; i remember the induction day; sitting around with 12 others; in front of computers; in the training room; being taught the ancient archaic mneumnic system; oh what plebs; what monkeys; welcome to agl you're speaking with ashlee may i being with your customer number?; since my resignation back in november 2004; i scored a job with NCHF; very cushy; gwenda on the other hand managed to stay with the gas company until its closure in june 05; juggling a menagerie of positions; north sydney council; university of nsw; and now on the job hunt again; fingers crossed for dear gwenda and her pursuit for a prosperous career since giving up school teaching