Wednesday, November 09, 2005

day two

inside deep throat; poster

am off to see inside deep throat tonight in paddington; premiere; freebie; am loving this free cinema tix thingy; have managed quite a few free tickets between us; the magician; murder ball; brides; mysterious skin; and now inside deep throat; yippee
linda lovelace; a scene from deep throat

last monday night ainslie managed to get a copy of the original deep throat; from a shop in bondi; went over to nathans; with luellas data projector; my laptop; and we watched porn; was hilarious; not sure what all the drama is about regarding deep throat; erh der! cock action; the coke bit was rather funny/horrid; cum scene edits were trippy; rockets; fireworks; gob full of cock; switching back and forth; was expecting more of a john waters influence
before the screening of deep throat at nathans; kwang soo came over for dinner; curry; was ok; was kinda jealous when i arrived at nathans as ainslie was there making curry; better than mine; not to worry

am dead excited; off to see tex; don; and charlie; metro theatre; friday; have also managed tix for antony & the johnsons;; not till jan 06; getting in early; don't wanna miss; am at work now; doing nothing; can't be bothered; very hot; am leaving early; drink a beer with ains on the flight deck